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Since October 2013 we’ve been saving footage from trips we made to the store in search of anything Skylanders (or related video clips) and we’ve compiled some of the highlights from those trips! There is lots of fun to enjoy and we hope you enjoy the effort we put into this! 🙂

Thumbs up for more hunting and let us know if we should do this fro Trap Team again! 🙂

Our First Lost Hunting Episodes Video (Sky Giants 15+ Trips):

Skylanders Halloween Costumes / Trap Team Walmart Poster

Skylander Shorts Episode 25: Another Smash



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We are a Family Channel dedicated to Skylanders! – The Skylander Boy and Girl

Our Other

â–ºThe kids take a Trip to NYC for a Skylanders Trap Team Private

â–ºTread Head Exclusive

â–ºSkylanders Trap Force & Swap Team Surprises (Jackpot Prize):

â–ºDr. Krankcase’s Lair Funplay Hideawy Playset w/

â–ºInternational Skylanders Talk like a Pirate Song w/

â–ºNew Light & Dark (Sun & Moon) Elements + Question Mark

â–ºMaking Skylanders Trap Team Toys (3D Printing Timelapse):

â–ºChapter 5 Chef Zepplin Part 1:
â–ºChapter 12 TIME TOWN Part 1 (on ipad):
â–ºKoas Doom Challenge Waves 31-40 TWICE DOOMED
â–ºMystery Box of Doom – Who’s INSIDE!?! (Doom Challenge Fail):
â–ºSkylanders Attacks & Upgrades of Hood Sickle, Bruiser Cruiser, Cross Crow, Pepper Jack, Bomb Shell, Deja Vu, Fist Bump & Lob
â–ºAll Traps in Trap Team w/ Villain Jokes & gameplay for Blaster Mind, Short Cut, Enigma, Tuff Luck, Fling Kong, Rocky Roll, Echo &
â–ºNitro Krypt King + Legendary
â–ºFrozen Egg Throwing
â–ºChase plays Skylanders Memory, Baby
â–ºSkylander Kids throw 40,000 lbs of Tomatoes in Real Life Food Fight?:
â–ºSkylanders Cute Team NIGHTMARE! Shorts Episode 24:

â–ºFluff Face Sandwhich Battle Mode

â–ºSkylanders Trap Team Minis Creator

â–ºMeet the Mini
Hijinx w/ Tussel Sprout

►►►3 New Trap Team
â–ºMaskermind –
â–ºBrawlrus (Tech), Brawl & Chain (Water):

►►►Skylanders Life, Fire & Earth Trap

â–ºOur 500th Video “Skylanders Raps” – How Did We Get Started with Skylanders? OUR

â–º16 Skylanders Minis Information, Gameplay of Spry, Trigger Snappy, Mini-Jini &
â–ºMaster Eon hates Sky

â–ºCRYSTAL FIRE BONE HOT DOG SURPRISE x4 w/ Skylanders Junk Tower Build

â–ºSkylanders at Disney

Skylanders Comic Con 2014 Related
â–ºSoda Springs Gameplay – First Level Skylanders Trap Team w/ The Gulper & Sheep
â–ºGusto Air Trap Master (Skylanders Diet):

Skylanders Dark Edition Trap Team
►►Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition (fUN-OFFICIAL)

â–ºSkylanders Shorts ep 23, The Wash Buckler and Magna Charge

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Red Bird Boss Name-Tae Kwon Crow or Hawkmongous

Skylanders Cereal! Skylanders Go Gurt

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(NEW) Brawl Stars Hack

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