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How to get Spike Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars so Easy Fast and Free from Normal Box 2019

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How to get Spike Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars so easy – Fast and Free from Mega Box 2019

“Spike throws cactus grenades that send needles flying, and a show-stopping a field of cactus spines that slows down and damages enemies!”

Spike Portrait
Spike is a Legendary Brawler with low health who specializes in dealing with grouped-up enemies. His Attack and Super are both optimal for dealing with multiple enemies at once. He is unique because the damage he deals at close range also depends on the enemy brawler’s hitbox (if the hitbox is larger, more thorns can touch it). His Attack explodes on impact and shoots spikes in all directions which deal damage to enemies they hit, and his Super slows down and deals damage to enemies caught in its area of effect. His first Star Power, Fertilize, heals himself for 600 health per second when he is in the radius of his Super and his second Star Power, Curveball, allows the spikes shot out from his main attack to curve.

Due to his low health, he can be easily countered by brawlers such as Colt, Brock, and Piper.

Do not use auto-aim unless you don’t have much time to react, like getting ambushed. This is because auto-aim does not keep up with brawler movement, and does not take into account that you can hit behind walls or into certain areas.
Spike has low health, so practice shooting around walls and predicting how the enemy will move to prevent opportunities for the enemies to damage you. However, he makes up for it by having very high damage output.
he spikes in his attack always spread out in the same pattern, no matter your position or rotation. You can use this knowing where the spikes will land, making it easier to hit enemy Brawlers around corners and walls. Two go right and left at 180 degrees while 4 go at 45-degree angles.
Since Spike’s needles can go all over the place (especially with Curveball star power), you can use some of those needles to check bushes that aren’t reachable with the normal damage. One doing this, it also gives you chip damage to take down enemies.
Spike is capable of doing extremely high damage to grouped-up enemy Brawlers due to the multiple spikes shot out from his Attack at impact. His area-of-effect Super can also spell trouble for grouped-up enemies.
Since the spikes in his Attack spread out from each other as they travel, having the cactus explode near a target is optimal since this increases the chance of multiple spikes hitting the same target. However, this doesn’t mean you should be getting close to your opponents to deal more damage, other brawlers can often kill you before you have the chance to get close to kill them.

Spike’s range is underestimated by most people, but it is little known that if you throw Spike’s grenade correctly, one of the spikes can hit the IKE turret in Siege even when you are outside of the IKE turret’s range, giving you a slight advantage in the damage against the IKE turret.

If you are inside of a target you are trying to hit with Spike’s attack, then you have a very high chance of having 4 of Spike’s spikes hit the target, dealing 1920 damage in one grenade with a level one Spike! This strategy is very useful while destroying Power Cube Boxes in Showdown that isn’t surrounded by walls but can be harder to perform when the Power Cube Box is next to a wall.
Spike’s Super can make it difficult for enemy Brawlers to escape. Spike and his team can deal heavy damage to them while they are trapped, and often times wipe out the enemy team.

Spike’s Super is also a great tool for area control. If the enemy team is trying to escape with the Gems in Gem Grab or trying to score a goal in Brawl Ball, you can block off their path with your Super.

In Heist, all of Spike’s needles will hit the vault if you stand in the middle of the vault, this, however, isn’t optimal since the vault is close to the enemy team’s spawn and also where they respawn, preventing you from getting close to the vault.

Spike’s Fertilize is a great healing tool if your team has no support brawlers. If you find yourself charging your super too often, don’t be afraid to drop it on yourself to heal you fully while you keep attacking enemies. This Star Power is also useful in Showdown when closing in on a target with high close-range damage because it’ll give you a chance to survive their high damage.
While he shoots out six spikes if his attack doesn’t connect, the max damage his attack can do while connecting is 4 times the damage of one spike.

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